Dive with us into the unknown, be creative, innovate and let us build great digital products together πŸš€ We're looking for people that are happy to work in entrepreneurial, flexible but fast growing and changing environments.

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Contact Information


What we do

Weβ€˜re a young start-up with a passion for developing innovative software. This is why software is at the core of everything we do. We are primarily doing two things:

What makes working with us unique

We are first and foremost a start-up. Even though we are growing, a start-up mentality is deeply carved into the DNA. This impacts everything from how we conduct our work to how we treat each other and many more things.

To get a grasp of working for us you can consult our 6 mantras that we live by and which represent the cornerstones of what makes us tick and function.

What we strive to be

We strive to be an innovation machinery for amazing (software) products that we believe bring value to customers. We do this together with customers or in cooperation with start-ups we hold a stake in, while simultaneously being a safe place where people are happy to work at and have a perspective for personal and professional development and can live up to their creativity*.***


<aside> 🌎 Our Vision and Mission serve as the north star for all efforts we undertake.


⚱️ β€” Employee value proposition

<aside> 🌍 The employee value proposition is what we communicate to current employees and future employees like you. It constitutes, what you get for working with us, as well as what you can expect to give in return.